What we do

In our view everyone has the right to legal assistance, regardless of the size of a matter and the budget. Our core activities are Corporate, Banking & Finance, Hotel & Leisure, Employment law, (Commercial) Contracts and Disputes (& Settlement). We are always open for other matters. However, we do not practice Criminal Law, Immigration and / or Family law. You can contact us with virtually any question. If we cannot assist, then we can help you in finding the right person from our extensive network of contacts and collaborations.

The lawyers of Falkena c.s. have nearly three decades of experience in the legal profession and have been involved in major cases. Falkena c.s. offers the quality and expertise of a large firm, combined with the personal touch of a small office.

You can make an appointment at one of our offices in Amsterdam, Bonaire or Curaçao. Or we make an appointment at your office if this suits you better. Because Falkena c.s. understands that you are busy, it is possible to make an appointment in the evening or weekend. Doesn’t making an appointment suit you? Send us an email or use our online services. You can contact us also by telephone, the number of which is +31 (0) 20 370 57 68 or via Skype (Skype Name: falkenacs). Of course you can also reach us via Social Media: Facebook and LinkedIn.

Many people are not familiar with the legal process and are uncertain about any fees and charges they may incur. At Falkena c.s. we understand these concerns. That’s why we aim to provide a high-quality service at a value-for-money price. Should you wish to use our legal services, we are happy to discuss a pricing model and/or tariff that you are comfortable with. Our starting point is that the pricing model that we choose is based on the added value of our service to you. No surprises for clients afterwards, because unlike most offices we charge no “office expenses” in the form of a percentage on top of the agreed price. With that, we are unique in the Dutch Caribbean.

For example, we can work together on the basis of the traditional pricing “billing by the hour,” but our experience is that alternative pricing such as a subscription or a fixed fee is a lot easier and leads to more clarity and satisfaction. It is also possible to work with a valuation, either before or after, or with a percentage. With each pricing model, additional costs, such as travel expenses and third party costs, are charged separately. Whatever pricing model, our invoices are simple, clear and understandable.